A global solution

ELTeach is an online Professional Development program supporting teachers of English through coursework and assessments in:

               -  English-for-Teaching
               -  Professional Knowledge for ELT

Builds confidence

ELTeach is designed to ensure that teachers of English have the language and professional knowledge necessary to implement their national English curriculum successfully and confidently. It helps teachers to build professional confidence through learning and practicing language and concepts in the context of what they already know.

Online, scalable, and cost-effective

ELTeach provides a cost-effective and scalable way to train large numbers of English teachers and improve the quality of English language teaching. 

Through easy-to-use online coursework and practice, ELTeach delivers a standardized professional development program that is accessible anywhere and anytime, thereby accommodating teachers’ busy schedules.

Led by an international panel of experts

Led by Professors Donald Freeman (University of Michigan, United States), Anne Burns (Aston University, United Kingdom, and University of New South Wales, Australia), and Anne Katz (The New School, United States), a panel of English language teaching experts representing 13 countries convened to help shape the ELTeach course content and ensure that it is both globally and locally relevant.

Proven through extensive global trials

Pilots of the ELTeach program were conducted in 12 countries, including Brazil, China, Italy, Korea, and Mexico, and will continue in other countries throughout 2013. Download the Global Pilot Report here

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"I am really happy with ELTeach. It is not only a course, it is something that teachers can really use in the classroom."

-Mr. Ivan Mora
MEP English Regional Advisor
Perez Zeledón Region, Costa Rica