• Is ELTeach appropriate for both teachers at primary schools and teachers at lower/upper secondary schools?

    Yes. The ELTeach Global Pilot Report documents how ELTeach was successfully trialed with teachers in each of these demographics. The language that teachers develop in the English-for-Teaching course is equally useful for teachers at primary and secondary level, as is the knowledge and skills learned in the Professional Knowledge for EFT course.
  • Is ELTeach appropriate for pre-service teachers?

    Yes. As documented in the Global Pilot Report, the ELTeach program was used successfully by pre-service teachers, as well.
  • What level of proficiency do teachers need to take English-for-Teaching/Professional Knowledge for ELT?

    There are no formal general English proficiency requirements for teachers for either English-for-Teaching or Professional Knowledge for ELT, but a screening process can be used to ascertain which courses are appropriate for your teachers. Teachers with a wide range of English proficiency levels have found English-for-Teaching of use to them. For Professional Knowledge of ELT, a higher level of profiency is recommended.
  • Are there print materials for ELTeach?

    ELTeach is a fully online program accessible any time from anywhere meeting teachers’ busy schedules.
  • Is there a placement test for ELTeach courses?

    A screening process is available for sponsoring authorities to use, which will help them place cohorts of teachers into either English-for-Teaching or Professional Knowledge.
  • How does ELTeach help improve teachers' proficiency?

    English-for-Teaching is extremely effective in building teachers' classroom English competency. English-for-Teaching focuses specifically on the language teachers need to teach English effectively in the classroom, with lessons on classroom management, communicating and understanding lesson content, and assessing and giving feedback to students. ELTeach gives teachers language they can immediately and effectively use with students in classrooms, which in turn has many added benefits to students.
  • Can ELTeach work with teachers who are not comfortable with technology?

    Yes. One of the benefits of ELTeach is that the platform is simple and easy to use. A number of teachers who have used ELTeach have reported that ELTeach is their first fully online course, and as a resultthis experience has helped them to overcome their fears or hesitations about using technology.
  • How does English-for-Teaching work for low-level (A1) teachers?

    English-for-Teaching is of great benefit to teachers with relatively low levels of English because it gives them access to and practice with language they will find immediately useful in their classrooms. By taking the English-for-Teaching course, they will gain confidence in using simple English in the classroom, which in turn has many added benefits to their students.
  • Does English-for-Teaching work for higher level (B2) teachers?

    Teachers who have a high level of general English proficiency may not necessarily be actively using English in their classrooms to teach the language at present. They also may not always be using language at a level the students can easily access and understand. A number of teachers with higher levels of general proficiency reported that English-for-Teaching has for the first time given them the specific language they need to use in the classroom, and guidance on how to use it.

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“I have learned a lot with this course! I love it. ...It is useful not only for me, but all the teachers of public school. …ELTeach’s methodology is fantastic! …a wonderful project!”
—Pilot Teacher, Brazil