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  • Mexico's State of Tamaulipas implements ELTeach

    The Secretaría de Educación Pública of the State of Tamaulipas in Mexico is implemeting ELTeach with approximately 1,000 primary and secondary teachers of English, offered through the support of ELTeach partner Review Quality.

    The teachers began their ELTeach coursework in the beginning of September, with over half taking English-for-Teaching and the rest Professional Knowledge for ELT.

    Tamaulipas coursework will continue into the fall and winter, with their TEFTTM and TPKTM Assessments scheduled to be administered in March 2014.
    For more information, please contact Review Quality: Contact Us

  • Bureau of Education in Shenzhen, China implements ELTeach 

    The Shenzhen Futian Bureau of Education, in China’s Guangdong Province, is implementing ELTeach with primary school teachers of English in its district, offered through the support of ELTeach partner Shenzhen SeaSkyland Technology Co. Ltd.

    The teachers began their ELTeach coursework mid-July, with all participating in both the English-for-Teaching and Professional Knowledge for ELT courses.
    An opening ceremony for the Futian ELTeach project was held on July 10th. Mr. Wang, director of the Teachers’ Training Center in the Futian Education Bureau, said in his opening speech: “[I] hope this special project can improve our teachers’ teaching skills and bring the teaching quality up to the international level.”
    Futian coursework will continue into the fall, with their TEFTTM and TPKTM Assessments scheduled separately. The TEFT assessments will be administered in October, followed by the TPK assessments in December.
    For more information, please contact Shenzhen SeaSkyland Technology Co. Ltd.: Contact Us  |


  • ELTeach featured at 'Teaching with Confidence' seminar in Chile

    ELTeach was featured as a key program for building professional confidence in language teaching during the 'Teaching with Confidence' academic seminar in Santiago, Chile on August 10, 2013.

    Donald Freeman, ELTeach Senior Academic Advisor, explained the importance of professional confidence in the language learning classroom and provided steps teachers could take now to improve their own confidence levels.

    The seminar was sponsored by Seminarium Certificacion, an ELTeach partner. 

  • U.S. Embassy Sponsors ELTeach Trial in Pakistan

    Pakistan's Higher Education Commission (HEC) is implementing a trial of the ELTeach program with 100 public school and college teachers of English in all four provinces of the country, offered under the English Language Teaching Reforms (ELTR) Project.

    The trial is sponsored by the Embassy of the United States, Islamabad, and funded by the Public Affairs section.

    The teachers have the opportunity to take either the English-for-Teaching course or Professional Knowledge for ELT.

    Coursework will begin in September 2013 and assessments will be administered in November and December 2013.

    The ELTR Project was launched by the HEC in July 2004 with the goal to bring qualitative improvement in English Language Teaching and Learning in order to build capacity for effective and sustainable development of English Language Teachers in higher education in Pakistan.

    Higher Education Commission, Pakistan - Learning Division
  • ELTeach featured at ETCF Symposium in Vietnam


    On May 17, 2013, Donald Freeman, Senior Academic Advisor for ELTeach, presented to Regional Foreign Language Center (RDLC) decision makers, Department of Educational Training (DOET) foreign language specialists, and teacher trainers from teacher training colleges and universities how ELTeach can support teacher development in Vietnam using ETFC, Vietnam's English Teacher Competencies Framework.

    The Symposium, entitled 'Putting Vietnam's English Teacher Competency Framework into Use,' served to educate participants on the structure and content of the ETCF and how to use the ETCF effectively for curriculum evaluation and improvement and to assess teachers needs and strenghs.

    In his presentation, 'Connecting Global & Local Perspectives on Teaching Quality,' Mr. Freeman discussed specfically how ELTeach's Global Framework for Langauge & Knowledge aligns with the ETCF, and is a unique online, scalable, and cost-effective solution improving teacher development for English language teachers.
  • ELTeach’s Global Framework highlighted at Symposium in Mongolia


    Global Language and Knowledge Framework, developed by a panel of experts representing 13 countries and led by Professors Donald Freeman, Anne Burns, and Anne Katz, was emphasized at the First International Symposium, English Language Education in the Workplace, hosted by CELPA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation) Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on April 18 and 19, 2013.

    In a presentation titled ‘A New Global Framework for Improving Teaching Quality in Language Education,’ Michael Cahill, Regional Director, ELT/School with National Geographic Learning, stressed the importance of the classroom teacher and the need to build teacher confidence in both student learning and English language education, and explained how these needs were addressed in ELTeach’s research-based design and Global Framework.

    According the CELPA, the Symposium, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Labour and sponsored by National Geographic Learning, Educational Testing Service, and Santis Educational Services, was meant to elicit discussion of “the pressing issues facing English language education in Mongolia, raise awareness of those issues, and explore ways of solving them as it pertains to government policies, business regulations and standards and to the individual.”

    The Keynote Speakers were Michael Cahill; Begz Nadmid, Sc.D., Professor and Director at the Academy of Education, Mongola; Jerick Aguilar, Ph.D., ELT Specialist and Teacher Trainer at Santis Educational Services, Mongolia; and Andrew Orgil, President of CELPA, Mongolia.

    CELPA Mongolia

  • Online ELT magazine features ELTeach launch

    The online teacher training magazine Humanising Language Teaching featured the launch of ELTeach in its April edition.
    Published by Pilgrims English Language Courses, Humanising Language Teaching hosts contributions and content from classroom language teachers and well-known ELT authors alike, supporting teachers of English looking for ideas in teacher development, classroom management, ESL and ELT research, etc.

    Humanising Language Teaching

  • ONARA Ltd. launches ELTeach trials with 82 teachers in Russia


    In March 2013, ONARA Ltd., in partnership with National Geographic Learning and Educational Testing Service, launched trials of ELTeach in the cities of St. Petersburg and Tyumen, Russia.
    In St. Petersburg, 49 teachers through the St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education (SPbAPPO) began their ELTeach coursework, 25 in English-for-Teaching and 24 in Professional Knowledge for ELT.  Their TEFTTM and TPKTM Assessments will be administered on April 29 and 30, 2013.
    In Tyumen, 33 teachers at Tyumen State University began their Professional Knowledge for ELT coursework.  Their TPKTM Assessments will be administered on June 21, 2013.
    Kick-off events for the trials were hosted at both SPbAPPO and Tyumen State, with presentations made on behalf of ONARA Ltd. by Laura Le Dréan, Executive Editor, ELT, with National Geographic Learning.
  • Ministry of Education sponsors ELTeach trial in Bahrain


    Starting in February 2013, the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain is sponsoring a trial of ELTeach for 51 teachers of English, with 18 teachers participating in English-for-Teaching and 33 in Professional Knowledge for ELT.
    The trial began in February, with two days of training to support both the participating teachers and the Ministry-appointed coordinator team, led by National Geographic Learning’s Kelly Jennings-Robinson, Regional Marketing Specialist (EMEA), and Thomas Kelley, Sales Representative, ELT.
    The training concluded with an evening reception, attended by members of National Geographic Learning, the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and His Royal Highness the Prime Minister’s daughter, Shaikha Lulwa bint Khalifa Al Khalifa.
    The teachers will begin the English-for-Teaching and Professional Knowledge for ELT coursework in February 2013, culminating with the TEFT and TPK Assessments, administered on June 23 and 24, 2013.

  • NGL and ETS launch the online training program ELTeach


    National Geographic Learning and Educational Testing Service Collaborate to Develop ELTeach - an Online Training Program for English Language Teachers

    Piloted by over 4,200 teachers in 10 countries, ELTeach is a scalable and cost-effective online ELT professional development certificate program that enables teachers to teach English in English.

    National Geographic Learning (NGL), part of Cengage Learning and a provider of quality educational materials for the PreK‐12, higher education, adult education and ELT markets, and Educational Testing Service (ETS), the global leader in providing fair and valid English language assessments, research and related services, today announced the launch of ELTeach, a curriculum, assessment and certificate program that provides professional development for English language teachers (ELT) worldwide.  
    This new program provides thorough instruction and training to help ELT teachers learn to effectively teach English in English. Beginning in June 2012, NGL and ETS have collaborated on piloting ELTeach with over 4,200 teachers of English around the world. The teachers in the pilot represented 10 countries – including China, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Italy – and used both distance learning and blended learning models.
    "ELTeach comes at an important time, as the need for students around the world to learn English is greater than ever," said Sean Wakely , Executive Vice President, Cengage Learning. "English has become a global language, and in many countries the demand to learn the language is greater than the number of teachers available to teach it. The ELTeach program is unique because it grants countries the ability to improve the skills and effectiveness of their own current teachers."
    ELTeach's online curricula and assessments deliver a cost-effective and scalable way to train large numbers of English teachers. The aim is to improve the quality and consistency of English language teaching across an entire country.  The program is comprised of two components — English for Teaching and Professional Knowledge for English Language Teaching (ELT):
    ·  English-for-Teaching helps teachers to gain the skills necessary to complete basic teaching tasks in English. This area of the program helps teachers to prepare for and take the TEFT™ Assessment (Test of English for Teaching), which assesses those skills as teachers read, write, listen and speak. 
    ·  Professional Knowledge for ELT provides teachers with increased knowledge of pedagogy and practices that are specific to English language teaching.  This component helps teachers to prepare for and take the integrated TPK™ Assessment (Test of Professional Knowledge for ELT), which assesses the teachers' knowledge of the curriculum.
    "ELTeach is the first professional development product for ELT teachers that is truly designed for the reality of English as a 21st Century global skill," said Dennis Hogan , Executive Director, National Geographic Learning. "The program gives non-native speaking teachers the tools and confidence to teach English in English, which has been proven as the best path to success."
    "What's novel about this program is that it provides teachers with both a learning experience and assessment geared toward helping them improve how they teach the English language to their students," said David Hunt, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Global Division, ETS. "In recent years, an increasing number of ministries of education have focused on improving the skills and capabilities of their English Language teachers.  ELTeach helps teachers reach this goal by providing them with the opportunity to become more confident in their language ability and their understanding of teaching methods specific to their needs."
    ELTeach was designed by an international panel of ELT experts, led by Professors Donald Freeman and Ann Burns, and Dr. Ann Katz. Panelists spanning 13 countries shared their insights and experiences to help shape the course content and ensure that it is relevant both locally and globally.
    For more information on ELTeach, or any other products available from National Geographic Learning, please visit .

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