Case Studies

Country Study: Vietnam

ELTeach has been used successfully all over the world. Read more about Vietnam and the experiences of teachers there using ELTeach.

Global Implementation Guide

Global Implementation Guide

Global Pilot Report

Global Pilot Report


Led by Professors Donald Freeman, Anne Burns, and Anne Katz, a panel of English language teaching experts representing 13 countries shared their insights and experience to help shape the ELTeach course content and ensure that it is both globally and locally relevant.

Understanding Score Reports

Following the successful administration of scheduled TEFTTM and TPKTM Assessments, Score Reports are provided for both test takers and their administering institutions and organizations. Offering valuable data, these reports summarize teachers' understanding of the course content.

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“I have learned a lot with this course! I love it. ...It is useful not only for me, but all the teachers of public school. …ELTeach’s methodology is fantastic! …a wonderful project!”
—Pilot Teacher, Brazil